Your Animal - Your Therapist

animal wisdom cat wisdom dog wisdom mindfulness therapy wisdom of animals Apr 25, 2023
Therapy Duck

April 30 is National Therapy Animal Day.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a hamster (hey, we talked about those guys a couple weeks ago!), a dog, or a horse, or probably even an elephant - animals are therapeutic. 

There are some animals who do it for a living. It’s their job to help people feel better, usually being assisted by a human with a bunch of initials behind their name. Most of our animal friends, however, just do it because it’s who they are. 

They genuinely care for us. I sometimes wonder why, because they can be treated in a very shabby fashion. Why would they want to help us?

Because they are the best parts of the soul personified. They love. The dog is of course the one people look at the most because they seriously forget their own welfare to their detriment in an effort to help us humans be better people. They are forever hopeful. Even the ones who get triggered and might lash out. Inside each animal (just like inside each human) is a beautiful being who knows love, needs love, and gives love. Sometimes they (and we) forget, and then we need to be reminded.


As a master gestaltist, I work frequently with our horses to help people remember the best part of themselves. But I’ll tell ya what. When I talk to people’s animals, that animal and I are still working together for the highest good of the situation, and sometimes that means saying or suggesting something that the human doesn’t want to hear. The animal knows, though, what is best, and will turn themselves inside out to help us see the light.

So the next time your dog or cat looks at you in a certain way, or does a behavior that you really wish they’d quit, stop and think before you react. What is it about what’s going on in your life, in your situation, in your house, that could be causing this behavior? The hardest thing to do is to look at ourselves. 

Worth it, though, really worth it. Thank those animals, both the ones who are on the bleeding edge of “animal therapy”, and your dog, sitting by your side.

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