A Hero's Journey.

Find your Inner Hero.

Everybody has an Inner Hero

Have you noticed how most heros don't even realize they are heroic? Look at Lassie. She thought she was just doing her job, keeping Timmy safe. But every time he did something to put himself in danger (like falling down a well), Lassie was there.

Sometimes just standing up for yourself is an act of heroism. There are lots of things that hold us back from doing what is right for us, or right for the situation. Many of them we learn as children. I know my inner child, despite the fact that I had what I consider a glorious childhood, came away with fixed ideas that have not served me over the years. How that little girl would love to be her own hero! (And now is!)

How about you? Are you looking for that Hero inside of you? A Hero's Journey can show you the way.

  • - Find your inner hero! Discover what has been holding you back, and begin to make changes in your life.
  • - Discover the three most important words you can use to get what you need.
  • - Heal the outside - by healing the inside and finding your inner strength.
  • - Learn to truly believe in yourself and embrace it.
  • - Gain Confidence and self-esteem
  • - Get tools to safely say what you want to the people who need to hear it.

This five-part journey will take you from scared, mad or sad - to glad!  Instead of stuck, or afraid to move forward, you’ll be glad you came, glad you embraced that Hero inside you, and you’ll be ready to take the next steps to a happier life.

Five weeks in a row, or in one weekend intensive, you will thank yourself for taking this journey. You will come away with an appreciation of YOURSELF that is beyond anything you’ve experienced so far. 

WE'RE MOVING, SO RIGHT NOW WE DON'T HAVE ANY DATES SCHEDULED. BUT!! This summer will be busy for heros.

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A portion of your investment in yourself will benefit Lauren's Legacy.  You can read more about Lauren's Legacy further down this page.

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Hero's Need to Be Updated

All I need is a cape. Keep me informed.

Lauren Munger - Founder of A Hero's Journey

Lauren had been a professional in the field of psychology and healing for most of her life. She had a private practice working with children and adults for decades. She was the founder and creator of A Hero's Journey self-esteem workshops which she owned and operated in Boulder, Colorado throughout the eighties and nineties. Lauren was also a colleague of mine, a certified practitioner in the Equine Gestalt Method of coaching.
Since she has sadly passed away, Lauren's Legacy was devised and established by a cohort of Gestalt Coaching Method practitioners who desired to continue to share Lauren's amazing work. She created A Hero's Journey with Horses in the 1980's and touched thousands of lives in her work. I was lucky enough to be trained in her method and am honored to share it with those who I can. Lauren's method pairs wonderfully with the Gestalt Coaching method that I practice at Harmony's Heart. And you thought we were just talking with animals!
A portion of all proceeds from A Hero's Journey trainings offered through Harmony's Heart will be donated to Lauren's Legacy to support those who want to be their own hero, but cannot quite afford the tuition.
The donation feels small in comparison to the amazing gift that Lauren has shared with the world.
Lauren's Legacy will be managed through Pegasus Bridge to Wellness. The mission of Pegasus Bridge is to provide equine-partnered coaching and facilities to guide at-risk and under-served populations toward greater self-awareness by empowering them through experiential insight. Please visit the website to learn more and to donate if your heart chooses to do so.  https://pegasusbridgetowellness.org

“It really connected us as a family more.” NM, Colorado (teen)

”It was a lot of fun; very much enjoyed this experiment, it helped me learn a lot and have access to new tools.” AP, Colorado (teen)

"This was a well though out and insightful process. The ability to tap into our inner child, have a dialog, understand and heal is interwoven in the process seamlessly.” JM, Colorado (adult)

”The journey guides you through different levels of yourself. You begin to discover your power and strength. Ultimately you discover the true hero within yourself. A powerful experience.” CP, Colorado (adult)