Wait - We’re Moving?

animal wisdom earth wisdom negotiation wisdom of animals Jan 10, 2023
Log home

How often have your animals said that to you? Some people find a place, and stay in it forever, or at least close to it. I seem to have some gypsy dust in my feet, because we tend to move every so often. 

When I was younger, it was actually kind of pathetic. When I moved to Colorado the first time, I moved 17 times in 15 years. The energy here is Colorado is quite active, and my feet moved right with it. Fortunately, I didn’t have as many animals then as I do now, so the only one it seriously impacted was one cat, AC, who became very good at packing her bindle and heading out the door with me. There were a couple of horses in the mix, too, but they weren’t the constant in my life that the cat was. 

AC the travelin’ cat - and her expression pretty much says it all

When I met Glenn, my beloved, we moved up to the Seattle area. We lived there 23 years and only moved three times, each time to improve where we were living and make room for more animals. Our last move there we thought was our last, but it was not to be. We ended up coming back to Colorado, and have been here now for almost 10 years. We’ve moved once, and have been in our latest home six years. Again, to improve the location for our business, and to have more room. It’s been a great place. We love it. But spirit wants us somewhere else, and is making no bones about it happening. 

The place in Wisconsin

We’re moving to Wisconsin. Apparently, Wisconsin needs us more than Colorado at this point. We have no idea what this means, but we have always followed the direction of the Universe, and all signs are pointing to a piece of land in Wisconsin that has been beckoning to us for months. We have a contract on it, and as soon as our place here in Colorado sells, we’ll be heading east. We never thought we’d be living east of the Mississippi again (Glenn is from New York, and I’m from Milwaukee), but there you are. The Universe works in mysterious ways.

Our animals have been incredibly patient about all of this. The dogs don’t seem to care where we are, the horses like that they have plenty of room to roam so haven’t been affected, and the cats - well, the cats seem to enjoy this house we’re in right now, and have made it their own.

I’m calling shotgun!

One of the things that makes moving with pets easier is to keep them in the loop. Sounds crazy, but they know when something’s up, and if you keep that something to yourself, they worry. What is this energy we’re feeling? How does it affect us? Will we be left behind? So we always tell them what’s happening, and in fact, before we made a commitment to the place in Wisconsin, we asked all of the animals if they wanted to come with us. We showed them mental pictures of the new location. We let the horses know that we’ll be building them a brand new barn and they can have input into what their space is like. We showed the cats and dogs the house, and told them it’s a little smaller than this house, but for the cats there are lots of places for climbing which we’ll make accessible for them, and for the dogs, lots of places to go for long walks where we’ll probably actually get out. Since we’ve been at this place, going out the front door for a walk has been a non-starter - the road is just too busy - so we have to load into the truck and go somewhere. 

We have their buy in. If someone had wanted to stay behind, we would have honored that, but to a being they all signed on for this latest adventure. They like the idea of woods and water. There will be new wild friends to observe from the house. We are a family, and they feel safe in knowing that not only are they loved, but we want us to stay together and would never give them up just because we’re going somewhere else. So everyone is pretty excited about this.

We’re hoping this is our last move, until we go to the old age home. But we never say never. This piece of land in Wisconsin has plans for itself, and we are part of those plans. It’s told us that it will assist us in moving our coaching and animal communication businesses forward, because it wants to make a difference, and it will hold our feet to the fire. There is no backing out of this one. It’s scary, and exciting at the same time. We and the land seem to be on the same page. It’s not about making a ton of money. It’s about making a difference, one life at a time, and it will unfold in a way that is perfect for all involved.

Can you feel it?

The land feels as though it has a lot of Native American influence associated with it, so there is a reason I decided to apprentice with a Shaman about a year ago. I just wanted to hone some spiritual skills, but now that I’m a baby shaman it may serve us in speaking with the land in a way that we will both understand. Nothing happens in a vacuum. 

So off we go, with our beautiful, loving, adventurous animals. We don’t know the exact timeframe, and the only impact it has had on us business-wise is that we aren’t doing in-person coaching until we get to the new place. Anything that can be done on the phone or via Zoom is still on. If you need some assistance, don’t be shy about reaching out. You’re not bothering us. We want to assist, and the boxes will get packed, no worries.

If YOU are considering a move, make sure you ask your animal friends how they feel about it, and ask for their input. They will tell you, and it will make the transition to another place so much smoother for all of you. They love to be involved!

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