Truck Junkie

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Red Dog in back set of pickup truck

Niko loves to ride in the truck. It doesn’t even have to be moving. 

Like most dogs, except those who tend to throw up in a moving vehicle, Niko has had a lifelong love affair with anything with wheels. He’s passed this passion on to his two sisters, Amy and Bernadette. 

If you won’t drive, I will.

At pretty much any time during the day, if we can’t find the dogs we look in the truck.

They haven’t learned how to open the door themselves - yet. But I’ve seen Niko watching closely as we open the back door. Thank goodness it’s not one of those handles that comes down, because I know he’d learn to operate that easily. He’s a big boy. Reaching the handle would be no problemo for this guy.

Once inside the truck, he settles down and waits for it to go. Some days he gets lucky. Most days he stays in the garage, door partially open and garage door partially open, so he can jump out, do his business, and jump back in. He’s never gone long. After all, that truck is not leaving without him!

 We try to take the dogs out at least once each weekend, and usually both days. We go to a dog park, take a walk, run errands, sometimes take long trips into the mountains and along the front range here in Colorado. We can be gone for hours. No complaints from the canines.

Nothin’ beats a walk with the hoomans.

Niko always surprises us after a long day of actually riding around in the truck, because he generally doesn’t get out. The girls will pop down and run around a bit, then beg to come in the house. Not Niko. Who knows what might happen? The pickup could go out again, and he’s not being left behind!

Niko seems to have made the truck his personal dog house. He feels safe in there, tucked into the back of his favorite vehicle, in the garage. He’ll snooze the day away, occasionally surfacing to take a quick pee break and then jump right back in, awaiting the next adventure. Even a visit to the mailbox, about a mile round trip, is a big deal.

Simple pleasures. We can learn a lot from Niko.

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