Springtime Near the Rockies

colorado earth wisdom rockies springtime Apr 18, 2023
Longs Peak to the North

Photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth, USFWS

A while back I posted about moving to Wisconsin, that the move was going to happen soon. Well, soon is relative. We’re still here in Colorado.

This is a good thing, though. Even though we lost the house in Wisconsin (boring realty reasons), a better one has come up. We haven’t made an offer yet, because we’re waiting on our house to have a contract - and lots of people are interested. So stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, why was this a good thing? First of all, we had a crazy snowy February, bitter cold, the kind of February I remember from when I first moved here in the 70’s. February is the longest month of the year in Colorado. The horses got to stay in their relatively warm barn, out of the howling wind. Score!

The nice safe, mostly warm barn (on a non-snowy-howling-wind day)

Second, what passes for Spring here in Colorado is actually quite nice. It’s warming up; the Meadowlarks are back! I love their sweet song. The Western (or Eastern, we’re right on the line) Peewees have also returned, chittering and scolding up a storm. They are a small bird, but mighty. 

I am small, but I am tough. I am on barbed wire tough.

We have a bunny in our barn that I swear is straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (for those aficionados, I speak of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbonnag). Since bunny has moved into the barn I’ve not seen a single mouse. Prior to bunny’s appearance, the mice were well on their way to taking over the entire space. Even the two barn cats we installed had enough and left. That’s bad. But friend bunny has reduced the (visible) mouse population to zero. I don’t know how s/he’s doing it, but I’m grateful. 


We also have a view of the front range that is a 100 mile stretch, from Pikes Peak to the south to Longs Peak in the north. On these warm clear spring days, it is a real pleasure to sit on the deck and gaze upon the mountains. They’re a ways off, but I love the view.


Pikes Peak to the South

Do these things make me want to stay in Colorado? No. Our work is in Wisconsin, THAT feels right and we’re being pulled there for a reason (which shall be revealed when the time is right - God / The Universe works at its own speed, which usually has nothing to do with what we want.) God / The Universe is teaching us about throwing your heart over the fence and having faith that all will be well, and will happen with ease and grace. Once we get there completely in our minds, we’ll be on our way.

This is a tough lesson - even us coaches / spiritual mumbo-jumboers / animal communicators / (dare I say - humans?) have as much trouble with sometimes as those we support. It keeps us on our toes and humble. 

So while we’re working on the letting go part, I’m enjoying Springtime here near the Rockies, and listening to those Meadowlarks. Enjoy what’s in front of you, and know that the rest will come. Ahhhhhh.

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