Spring’s Best Things

earth wisdom spring virtual spiritual weekend weather Mar 28, 2023
Storm Clouds

What do you love best about Spring? Is it flowers? Warmer weather? April showers? 

Photo by Glenn Weissel

Spring is a time of renewal, new beginnings. Grass comes up, flowers bloom, gardens get planted. My favorite flower is the lilac, and spring time is prime lilac time. We have several bushes on the side of our house, and it always smells so gooooood!

It’s also a time for allergies, and although I claim to have no allergies, I’ve been blowing my nose lately, and sneezing (which always has the cats diving under the couch, because I don’t hold back).


Photo by Cottonbro Studio

Colorado likes to play with its residents - we’ll have four or five days of gorgeous, 50 degree weather, and then in a fit of whimsy, the sky clouds over, the wind blows, it gets frigid, and the ground is once again white - like this morning. That was a bit of a surprise. Gotta love the moisture, though, and it’s been drought city here, so every flake is welcome. Mostly.

Spring is also when I do my Virtual Spiritual Weekend (VSW), and in a fit of shameless self-promotion, I’m adding the link to schedule time. Your investment is only $40 for 20 minutes, instead of the regular session price of $97 (a session being 30 minutes - so a regular session is $3.23 per minute, and the VSW sessions are $2 per minute. You save a bunch.)


Okay, enough about that!

I want to know what Spring means to you. Send me an email (since we don't have comments, bah! [email protected]), let’s hear what you love about Spring. I’ll start. 


Photo by Irina Iriser

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