Phineas Report

girls and horses horses Apr 12, 2022
Finn’s face

Remember Phineas? (AKA Finn). Last year he was staring at me from a photo taken from an Auction/Way To Slaughter place in Texas. Today he stares at me from the comfort of his stall here on our place.

He’s doing well. The last few months we’ve let him “be a horse”, and relax with the rest of the herd. For a while there, he and LiLi, our only mare, were pretty much inseparable. But the Finn realized that LiLi likes food - including his food, and he started asking to be put back in HIS area for evening meals. We’re happy to accommodate.

Finn had a couple of chiropractic adjustments, too, and happily, the doctor said there isn’t anything wrong with him. He had/has a thing about having his rear feet picked up. It doesn’t seem to be physical, which is what we discovered with the adjustments, and the last time the hoof trimmer came out he was pretty good about it. She’s very patient, and we’re pretty sure his former experience was one of “stand still or you’ll get whacked,” so he didn’t feel safe. When horses don’t feel safe, they like all four feet on the ground (for a quick getaway).

No whacking here.

He also did some coaching. He’s been watching the other horses for a while, so when we had a group come out for some coaching and we needed an extra horse, he put up his hoof. He was a total gentleman, and knocked it out of the park. He thinks this coaching thing is a pretty good gig, and he loves that his opinion counts.

We’re so happy to have Finn with us!



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