National Western Stock Show

animal wisdom national western stock show Jan 16, 2024
Longhorn Steers in Downtown Denver

Not only am I an animal communicator, but I am a Gestaltist (go to our other website, We (my husband and I) coach with horses, do art therapy, have a beautiful place for walking in nature, and I also get to talk with your animals. I’m so lucky!

One of the things we’re doing to grow our business is hanging out in a booth at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. Stock Show is a big event, and goes on until January 21. It’s lots of time in the booth, and that means no time for pretty much anything else - so….NO BLOG NEXT WEEK, because I’ll be too tired to even type on a keyboard.

Our beautiful booth in the Cinch Arena/Events Center

Colorado peeps, come to Stock Show! We’re in the Events Center, and are there from 9am-8pm Sunday-Thursday, 9am-9pm Friday and Saturday. I’d love to see your wonderful face and talk to you about your animals (and anything else that comes up.)

You can enter to win a really cool prize - a Breyer model of Carltonlima Emma, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite Fell pony. I’ve had the model since 2018, and it’s time for it to find a new, loving home.

The real Carltonlima Emma with Her Majesty

Thanks for all your support over the years, and I’ll be back blogging after September 21.

With Love,



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