Magical Times

animal wisdom cat cat wisdom reincarnation wisdom of animals Sep 05, 2023
Tuxedo black cat on tractor seat

As you all know, Lynkx left his physical body on Friday, August 25. He had been losing weight over time although still eating like a fiend, drinking and generally looking happy, then declined very quickly. He stopped eating. That’s always a big sign. We called the vet on Thursday to arrange for euthanasia, which got scheduled for Friday.

Of course the minute we did that, he perked up. Our animals do that, have you noticed? We make “the big decision” and then they rally. 

So of course, even though I do what I do, I started second guessing myself. Did we make the right choice? Does he really want to go now or hang on for a while longer? What does he want????

What do you want?

Before we went to sleep that night, I asked Lynkx to let me know, in my dreams, in no uncertain terms, what he wanted. Now, I’ve asked this question before about other things, and the answers, if there were any, were usually pretty murky. Being ever the optimist, I asked Lynkx anyway.

And then I dreamt. It was a strange dream, about feral cats, a big-name hotel and having breakfast with cats being allowed on the table. So far, pretty murky.

Then I saw a dark colored cat running down a hallway. I knew it was Lynkx, and I jumped up from the table to bring him back - no wandering around the hotel unsupervised!

I started down the hall, and while I couldn’t see Lynkx, in front of me appeared a woman wearing a white and black dress, also heading down the hall. I grabbed her arm. She turned and looked at me with wise eyes, and made it very clear I should let her go. As I did that, I turned away from her momentarily, and when I looked back, she was gone and the dark colored cat was hurrying around a corner. He looked back over his shoulder at me, with wise eyes.

Message received.

It didn’t make it any easier, knowing we were making the right choice, because of course Lynkx continued his rally. I think he was happy to finally be letting go of his creaky old body.

We brought his “brother” Jackson to the vet with us. There was a slight delay while the vet finished up with another client. Lynkx and Jackson found a cubby to hide in, cuddled together. 

Then it was time.

We put Lynkx up on the table and he received the first shot, the one that gets them all stoned and so they don’t care about anything. He fell asleep with my husband holding him gently. Jackson stalked around the room and then glanced out the window, raising up on his front paws to look out.

Then came the second shot, the lethal dose. I felt the essence of Lynkx rise up out of his body. I thought I was imagining things, until I looked at my husband and he said he had felt the same thing, at the same time.

Jackson was still hanging around on the floor, and we wanted him to know Lynkx was no longer present, so we picked him up and put him on the table with the body. Jackson didn’t even sniff at him. He walked over the body like there was nobody there (which there wasn’t), jumped to the window sill, and looked out. He sat there for the longest time, gazing out and up. HE knew where Lynkx was.

We had told Lynkx he is such a part of our family that even though we’re trying to downsize the number of pets we have (through attrition), if he decided to come back we would welcome him with open arms. That evening, a fellow animal communicator, who I don’t know personally, contacted me. She said Lynkx had come to her and said he was definitely returning.

Lynkx showed us so much with his passing. It was sad, happy, terrible, magical and mystical all at the same time. We look forward to seeing you again, buddy!


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