It’s a New Year

animal wisdom coaching enlightened squirrel happy new year Dec 26, 2023
House and barn

Well, almost. Just a few more days and we’ll be ringing in 2024. When I was a kid, about a million years ago before wheels were round, I thought the year 2000 was pretty extreme. I can’t believe we’re 24 years past that (and still going strong.)

I hope this New Year brings you great joy and grand adventures - silence on a river, flowers blooming in the spring, the gentle fall of snow - or how about a blizzard? (We could use some major snow here at the farm.)

Lots of things will be popping at Harmony’s Heart Animals, Harmony’s Heart Coaching, and the Enlightened Squirrel Healing Arts Center - all located here on the farm. The horses are flexing their coaching muscles; they can hardly wait to get back to work (AFTER the blizzards). And the Enlightened Squirrel has taken up residence in our basement - all kinds of shenanigans featuring paint, paper, clay and who knows what else going on down there.

Have a glorious New Year celebration, keep breathing, and look to 2024 with bright eyes. 

All the best,

All of us here at Harmony’s Heart Farm

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