It’s a New Year

earth wisdom energy fear mindfulness wisdom of animals Dec 27, 2022
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Soon. Not just yet, but within a week, we’ll be in 2023. It will be the Chinese year of the Rabbit (or Cat, if you’ve read Suzanne White’s Chinese Chance) starting on January 22. It’s a chance to reset, restart. It’s a whole new year.

That’s why we celebrate New Year’s. Out with old, in with the new. It’s a chance to start over.

It can be argued that every day you wake up is a chance to do the same, but we’ll save that discussion for another time. Right now, we’re focused on the New YEAR.

2023. In numerology, that’s a 7 year. It’s a year for spiritual growth, and expanding yourself. A lot of people feel that 7 is a very lucky number. This can be a good year, or a really crappy year, depending upon your outlook.

So how are you going to look at it? If you go into the year with no expectations, eyes wide open, and available to whatever adventure comes your way, what kind of experience will you have?

Let’s take a look at 2020. Most people thought 2020 was going to be “The Year.” The year things really happened. Here at Harmony’s Heart, we were geared up to take our business to the next level. We had lots of plans. And then there was Covid.

It was “the year” all right, but it sure didn’t look like what anyone expected. It was a year of solitude, an opportunity to really reset, to sit back, reflect, think about things. For some, especially extroverts, it was a very difficult year, because extroverts need people to feel energized. For all of the introverts in the world, it was a huge YAY! I was one of those. Did I miss the hustle and bustle and everything that went with being human in 2019? Absolutely not. I did miss sitting in the local Starbucks, though, writing my weekly blog.

We were lucky. I have a job I do on the phone, and was able to translate my in-person classes to Zoom. 

But we were also open to the adventure. We didn’t rail against what was happening, we flowed with it. We stayed home. We did what needed to be done for us to feel safe. And we loved everyone else for doing it their way, whatever that was. And I’ll tell ya - I REALLY loved the absence of cars on the road! We went out once a week, to get groceries, and it was sheer joy to be able to drive from point A to point B and back again without a single near miss or angry driver.

My point in all of this is that 2023 will be what you make of it. You have a choice. You can be open to adventure, live in the moment (and HERE is where I’ll say something about your animal friends - they totally know how to do this - so watch them, and learn.). Or, you can set expectations and when they don’t happen, you can be really, really unhappy and disgruntled. 

Which was sounds less stressful and more fun?

It’s not easy changing our ways. As I said in my Holiday message, my mom instilled in me her sense of joy and wonder at the world. I also have that kind of temperament, so it has been easier for me than for others to make a leap to “no expectations” and “go with the flow.” However, I find that the more I speak my desires and then let them go, the more things happen in a way that serves me best. The letting go is the hard part. 

We live in a friendly Universe. It wants us to have our desires. If we can get out of our own way, things happen, and they are always in right and perfect timing.

As of this writing, we are into month 5 of getting ourselves moved to Wisconsin. Here we are, still in Colorado. We know we’re supposed to be on a particular piece of property in Wisconsin. The land is calling to us. It has big plans for us. We’re scared, my husband and I, because it will be a huge step out of our comfort zone(s). At the same time, we’re excited, because it’s what we’re here to do. It’s taken us a long time to respond to the call. Now that the door is open, just like Pandora’s box, there’s no going back. We don’t know exactly when we’ll be moving, but we’re planning our 2023 business in a way that will let us flow with whatever happens. 

The road becomes what we make it.

So stay tuned. We’re rebranding, we’ll have a new coaching website, and Harmony’s Heart Animals will still be here, talking with you and your animals, teaching, and sending out goofy blogs along the way. 

So, Happy New Year! Decide how you want to look at 2023. Embrace it, and all of the unknown it brings. Love yourself, love 2023, love those precious animals, and let’s ROCK!


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