Healing for Animals

animal wisdom eft holistic alternatives reiki scalar wave tapping Dec 05, 2023
Tabby cat

Our favorite small animal vet had an accident and will be out of commission for 3-4 months. Not only do I feel bad for Dr. Thom, I feel bad for all the animals who will miss being tended to by him. He is thoughtful and wise, and has enough experience to be able to look at a situation and maybe see something that someone else might not. He saved our cat, Torbie, who came down with kitty Coronavirus. Because he had some experience with it, he tested for it, and then was able to pull her furry little butt out of the fire. Plus, he’s open-minded. This is a powerful combination for any person in the medical profession. Western medicine works; so do the alternative disciplines. What’s needed can be pulled from a vast toolbox of potentiality.

In this blog, we’ll touch on a just a few of the “other” things that can be used in conjunction with Western medicine.

The first of these is Reiki. Reiki means “universal life energy.” This process works with the energy that flows through the body (we are, after all, electrons), and helps it even itself out. It can assist in the healing process (but shouldn’t be used when someone is in actual surgery, because they could wake up too soon - yikes!) It can be done in person or from a distance. Learning Reiki seems mysterious, and the training can seem as though it’s couched in secrecy. Kind of like the Masons. 

It can’t actually be forced on anyone. It is merely sent, with an invitation, and the person or animal to whom it is directed gets to choose if they want to accept the healing. One of the precepts is that it is sent “for the highest healing good.” Sometimes that healing doesn’t look like what we would like it to - does the lame animal get up and walk? Maybe. Maybe not. If the being wants to heal, Reiki will help. It may not have “science” to back it up, but it is effective. 

I’m a certified Reiki Master and do a lot of distance Reiki. If you have questions about Reiki, let me know. I’m happy to talk about it.

Scalar wave is another energy-based healing that is very useful when your animals is elderly, recovering from a surgery, ill or even just grumpily tired. It does a lot of things - balances the chakra system, gets energy back in the body, clears up any energetic blockages, and helps the body heal itself. The practitioner envisions every cell in the being’s body as being perfect. It’s non-invasive, just like Reiki. It’s done by invitation. 

The process itself can take 30-40 minutes, and can be done in person, or also at a distance. A few years back we had a horse who was fairly lame. He got around okay and didn’t want any special treatment, but he had a bit of a limp. I took a class that included doing some distance Scalar Wave. I was in California. The horse was in Colorado. A colleague and I practiced distance Scalar Wave by looking at a picture of the horse and running through the process. When I got home from my training a few days later, there was the horse, running across a field, not a limp in sight. It was pretty amazing. 

Any of these modalities need to be done a regular basis in order to have lasting effects - like taking an antibiotic. You don’t take a medicine and stop it before the end of the course, because that can throw you backwards, or be less effective. 

My horse’s limp did come back but he only had one Scalar Wave treatment. He said he was fine the way he was, so we didn’t continue with Scalar Wave, although every now and then I’d run it through his body - but again, it’s by invitation, and if he felt he didn’t want it, the results would reflect that. He was happy the way he was.

EFT (Tapping), also called Emotional Freedom Technique, can be ministered to animals to help them over emotional hurdles. It’s been shown to be effective during things like July 4th Fireworks, or thunderstorms. Animals who have experienced a lot of trauma in their lives can benefit from tapping. It helps them get past the trauma and be calmer in their body.

If you’ve used tapping for yourself, you know how effective it can be. It works the same with our animal friends. The places that are tapped on the animal’s body are just a little bit different than on a human, but the concept is the same. The taps on the body help soothe and calm the nerves and help the animal let go of their fear. It’s powerful and simple, and anyone can do it.

There are videos and articles about these and other alternative techniques on the Internet. I’m skilled in all three mentioned, so if you want more information, or want to give it a try with your animal, let me know. 

Whenever I talk with an animal who has a physical problem, I always ask if a veterinarian has been consulted. It’s important that all modalities are used to support your pet. Nothing is a perfect cure, but we can help our animal friends live better lives with a mix of Western and alternative techniques.

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