Hamsters Have Their Day

animal wisdom childhood hamster reincarnation select a pet Apr 11, 2023

They’re cute. They’re fuzzy. They can hide in your walls. They’re hamsters.

And they have their own celebratory day!

If you have a hamster, make sure you get some extra goodies for your little friend on April 12, because that is National Hamster Day. Oh, hay! (Pun intended). That’s today!

Photo by Ellie Burgin

I’ve never had a hamster of my own, but I have talked to them - one that was particularly memorable was a little ball of fluff named Aphatron. She was the pet of my sister-in-law’s son, and ended up reincarnating into a cat named Mittens a few years later. She had quite the attitude, and was wise beyond short life.

Hamsters have been around for literally millions of years. In 1797, however, scientists officially “discovered” them. Can you imagine? “What is that huge mouse that’s in our cupboard, and why doesn’t it have a tail? And why is it such a pretty color?”

Photo by Ellie Burgin

There are over 20 species of hamsters. In 1930, some irritating dolt thought they’d be great to use as “lab rats”. They’re better known these days as the pets of children and some adults who like to have a small furred creature to care for that doesn’t stare at them like a cat does. Is that cat judging me? (Hint: Cats don’t judge. They don’t have to. We do plenty of that to ourselves.)

Photo by Pixabay

Hamsters don’t have a very long life span, only surviving 3-4 years in captivity if well cared for. That means the right kind of food, plenty of exercise (hamster wheel, anyone?), and lots of love. Oh, and here’s a fun fact. If you’re a wild hamster, you eat, among other things, lizards and frogs. Sounds slimy.

If you know someone who has a hamster, make sure you let them know about National Hamster Day. And have a party!


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