Got Energy?

energy wisdom of animals Jun 21, 2022
Dog and cat sniffing noses

Energy. It’s what we’re all made of.

Interesting that this is on my “Blog Post” list for this week (yes, I have a list, because if I didn’t, blogs wouldn’t get written. I’d still be wracking my brain for something for January). I just finished teaching the Introduction to Animal Communication class, and a large part of what we talk about is…energy.

Everything is energy. As our pal Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars states: “It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." Of course, he’s talking about The Force. 

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

The Force. Energy. Same thing. It also cannot be destroyed, only transformed. (Science tells us that - somewhere - I’m sure you can Google it.)

So what about energy? If we believe that energy is everything and is in everything, and we are energy, it makes sense that our animal friends are energy, too. Remember the Matrix? All those letters and numbers on the screen, which seemed to make no sense, but to the operator, he could see what was there - blond, brunette, redhead. It was all connected. That’s what makes it possible to talk with animals, and even to receive thoughts and messages from other humans.

This is heavy.

This is a pretty scary thing for most people. I’ll be honest; the thought of some disembodied being reaching out to me was pretty spooky, especially when I was younger. Then my dad passed away. My dad, who I adored, and who told me one sweet conversation that he didn’t think there was anything past death. Dead was dead. He went to church to please my mom. He was that kind of guy, to do something to please my mother, who HE adored. 

Papa and the woman he adored.

So when he passed away, and I went home for the funeral, I was sitting in their bedroom. He had built closets in this room, his and hers. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, thinking who knows what thoughts, and I heard the hangers in my dad’s closet jingle. The closet doors were closed. There was no wind. I wasn’t even breathing hard. NOTHING was making those hangers jingle in the third dimension in which I was sitting. The house was not shaking (and if it was, the hangers in my mom’s closet would have been jingling too, and stuff jumping around on the floor. It’s an old house.)

So I query,  “Dad?”

Jingle jingle jingle.

Is that you, Dad?

Jingle jingle.

Spooked. Totally spooked. That was me. And the funny thing is, I’m probably the only one in the family who would “get” that he was reaching out from beyond. I told him it was scaring me, and asked him to stop.


It’s taken me years, but I think my dad was trying to tell me that yes, we do continue, and look at this cool thing I can do! When I reflect on that moment, I can feel the joy and enthusiasm behind every jingle. And it was so nice of him to stop when I asked. If he wants to jingle my hangers now, I think I’d just say “hey, dad, nice tune.”

Since then, we’ve had some lovely conversations, and I’ve channeled him a time or two when I was working on a home project and just didn’t know what to do next. My dad had lots of experience with building and fixing, and was in the category of “if it’s broken, I can probably figure out how to fix it.” He was brilliant that way.

So what an awesome person to ask for help when, say, cutting some plywood to put hay bales on. You should have seen the first cut. Actually, no, you shouldn’t have. It was pathetic. But then I asked my dad for help, settled myself, opened up to “The Force” or Energy, or whatever you want to call it, and there he was, showing me just how to measure and cut to wrap the plywood beautifully around the posts in the hay storage area. I was pretty proud of myself, and I know he was proud of me too. Father and daughter, working a project.

I think there are some people who are afraid of opening to the possibilities of energy, because you might not know what’s out there, waiting to bite you. Shades of “The Exorcist.” When I was younger, I had a healthy respect for what we called the Devil. My religious upbringing really played with my head. As I’ve gotten older, I now believe there is positive and negative energy, but it’s all energy, and what we do with it has a lot to do with the way it manifests.

I do protect myself from the negative energy. If you ask it to stay away, it will.

And if you call in the positive, it comes. So I call in a lot of positive energy. 

We need the contrast, so we can see what it is we truly want. By acknowledging the negative, and calling in the positive, I believe I’m helping out myself, and the world.

So let’s loop back to our animal friends. They live as pure, positive beings. Their worldview may be shaped by negative things that have happened to them, usually at the hands of humans who are allowing way too much negative energy into their lives and have to release it somehow. The animal is sometimes the recipient. But the animal itself is a beautiful example of being in the moment, and being who they truly are - energy. Sometimes we have to look past the outside to what is really going on inside to see the loving soul that is there (this is true of humans as well).

Anyone can have conversations with their animals. It just takes practice, and maybe a certain amount of suspension of disbelief to see beyond what we think is there. Because there’s so much more.

Okay, I referenced four movies in this post. Three I named. What’s the fourth, and what’s the quote I used in this blog? Reach into the energy and see if you can find it.


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