Dog Walking

activities with dogs dog dog walking dog wisdom Mar 15, 2022

There was a song in the 80” s called, I think, “Walk the Dinosaur” by the group Was Not Was. I loved the video. 

Walking a dinosaur has got nothing on taking our three for a walk. I’d rather walk a dinosaur; it might be easier. To say our dogs are little low on manners on leash would be an understatement. They would probably call it enthusiasm - which it is. However, I tend to call it “arms out of sockets”. 

Once they get the yaya’s out, they’re pretty good. They settle down, especially Niko, our big boy - although he likes to stop and water pretty much every blade of grass and every tree along the way.

Amy and Bernadette travel along at sublight, but only because we humans only have two legs apiece and can’t really keep up with them. They have no idea where they’re going, but they’re making good time. And since the two-legends are on the other end of the pull-back device, they feel safe. They really are hilarious to watch. Amy powers out, and Bernadette weaves back and forth around her, first on one side, then on the other. I think Bernie probably puts on an extra half mile to every one that Amy completes, simply because she doesn’t travel a straight line (what fun would that be?).

The most fun we have is to take them to a 15-acre dog park near a local town. Niko starts woo-woooing about a mile from the park entrance; he knows where we are. The girls catch his drift, so by the time we’ve got everyone leashed up for the trek across the parking lot, they have a full head of doggy excitement going. I don’t think we’ve ever walked across the lot; it’s more like we get taken for a drag. 

Once they’re inside the park and turned loose, everyone can relax. You would think they’d be really interested in all the other dogs, but nooooo. There’s a little “hi, how are ya?”    And some tail wagging and butt sniffing, but they mostly play with one another. If any of the dogs tries to get too familiar with Amy, she just sits down and glares at them until they get the hint and move off.

Once around the park takes about 30 minutes, because there are lots of things to look at and places to smell, and at the top of the hill there are some obstacles. Amy is a master of the climb-ee thing, up one side and so proud of herself being queen of the inverted V, and then charging down the other side. She also likes the tunnel. “Look at me! Look what I can do!” Her sister looks at her all right, like, “Seriously, Amy, you know you don’t have to do that stuff. You’re such a…..pleaser!” 

Amy thinks she’s the smart one because she learns so fast. Bernadette thinks SHE’S the smart one because she refuses to lower herself to “eager dog” behaviors. Niko keeps out of it, and just smiles and runs around happily. 

Even though we live on a good-sized piece of land, going for a ride in the truck and a walk, or to the dog park, is something the dogs live for, and which we enjoy no end. It keeps us all happy and healthy. Fresh air, exercise, eager dog, happy dog, too-smart-for-her-own-good dog. We love it all.


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