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earth wisdom rocks Jul 05, 2022

A while back I posted a blog about some incredible rocks that live in the mountains here in Colorado. They are located at Wilkerson Pass, which is up Hwy 24 west of Colorado Springs (in case you want to go looking for them). It’s one of our favorite places to stop and walk the dogs (and the dogs love it, too, except for the stopping by the rocks part…their response up to this point has been “booooorrrrrrrriiiinnnnng.”)

A week or so ago we decided to take a day and go up to the mountains. Trees! (we don’t have very many on our property - of course, if we did, the view of the front range would be nonexistent - so ya gotta compromise, even when it comes to trees). We drove out to Hartsel and had lunch (there’s a funky cool restaurant there with awesome food - not sure how they do it - I think the population of Hartsel is maybe 15 - but worth the trip!). Driving back, we decided to stop at Wilkerson pass. We had some questions for those rocks.

Plus, I had to pee.

After that little adventure, off we went toward the doggy walking path. I’m not sure how many people use it. It looks like it’s getting more and more overgrown. Maybe we need to go up there more often and keep it tamped down.

We walked out to the rocks. They’re easy to spot, as they’re white granite and are just off the path. There are some on the upslope of the path, too. It’s like a line of rocks. I do remember them telling me that they had, at one time, lived further up the hill, and over time some of them drifted down to where they are now. 

We stopped at the rocks and went uphill a little bit, and then just stood there. The energy is amazing. It’s hard to describe. It’s like a low hum, just beneath conscious hearing. The view is delicious. Across the valley are stands of pine and aspen. (We have tried to grow aspen, to no avail, at a couple of the places we’ve lived here in Colorado. Apparently the only way to live in a well-established-we-can’t-kill-it-aspen grove, is to find a house already surrounded by aspen and move there.)

Even the dogs wanted to hear what the rocks had to say. There was no of the usual whining, or “let’s walk further.” All three of them settled down and quietly listened with us.

Here’s what we heard: “Colorado will always be home, whether you live here physically or not. We love that you come and visit with us. We have known you both through many lifetimes. Follow your heart. Breathe. Listen to the wisdom of the wind. Change is coming. All happens in perfect timing. Let things unfold as they should.”

The rocks have such loving wisdom. They don’t force themselves upon us, they are simply there, and when the the student is ready, they are available. I encourage you to find a rock and get to know it. If it’s in your yard, and came from a quarry, imagine the stories it can tell! Treat it with respect. They see through millennia, being long-lived in their present form. Tell us what you hear.



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