An Elephant Named Gandhi

elephant laser devices wisdom of animals Mar 29, 2022
Elephant eye

I have friends who are enamored of elephants. My medical intuitive has spent many vacations visiting with and volunteering for elephants in a reserve in Africa.

I have to admit, elephants are not top of mind for me in the animal world - I’m more a fluffy cat kind of girl. However, they are amazing animals (the elephants, although the same could be said about cats, but we’re talking about elephants today). They are extremely intelligent. Despite their large size, they are gentle and generally cooperative. They form lasting bonds with other species (like humans). And they put up with a lot of our shit, as most animals do. 

You’ve read the story about the man who was mourned by two herds of elephants, right? His name was Lawrence Anthony. Google him. Elephants also mourn their own dead. 

This is a little story, however, about an elephant named Gandhi. Gandhi was, for many years, in a zoo, first in Denmark and then in France. She taught children and adults alike about Asian Elephants. When it was time for her to retire, she went to an elephant sanctuary in France called Elephant Haven,(https://www.elephanthaven.comand the people there are taking such good care of her! Thanks to the generosity of people who love elephants, they even got her a laser device to help with some pain she has. One of my clients is a donor, and when she told me about Gandhi, I became fascinated with this gentle giant, and wanted to help. So I became a donor too!

As you can see, Gandhi is loving being “laser’d”. It helps her muscles relax and heal. It’s a big change from being a working elephant to being retired (just ask anyone who’s been in the workforce for 20-40 years!), and she is slowly getting accustomed to her new surroundings, the people who care for her, and having some down time.

At some point, she may even have some elephant friends, although it appears that in the past she had some trauma involving those of her species, and as we all know, elephants have verrry long memories. Trauma can strike anyone, whether they have eight, four or two legs.

An elephant’s lifespan can be up to 65 years, and Gandhi is 53. She has some arthritis (who doesn’t as we age?), and the laser definitely helps with that and any other aches and pains she has. She also loves, loves, LOVES watermelons, cut nettles, plums, parsley….and lemons! Pucker up!

If you feel moved to learn more about how you can help Gandhi, go to

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