On The Edge

animal wisdom earth wisdom mindfulness Sep 06, 2022
Raccoon laying in bird bath

Just because an animal is wild doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to tell you.

First of all, many cultures ascribe certain wisdoms to the wild ones. For example, a turkey symbolizes abundance. I wonder if lots of turkeys means lots of abundance? If a deer crosses your path, Deer is telling you to be easy on yourself. I often will see a deer when I’m fretting about whether I’ve done something right or left something out or generally just messed up. Hawk has one wing in the spirit world, and one here. They are a messenger in between the two. There are lots of place where you can learn about this - www.spirit-animals.com is one, and there is a book by Ted Andrews called Animal Speak that is excellent.

In addition, our wild friends live pretty much on the edge. Who knows when they might be lunch, or whether they’ll be able to even find lunch for themselves? That might be something we have in common these days, eh? But they also know how to relax, and how to make themselves safe - or as safe as they can be in a life of uncertainty.

And that’s it, isn’t it? Feeling safe while living a life of uncertainty. How do you think they do it?

Being in the moment.

Sigh. I know. It’s tough being in the moment. Our brains have taught us that it’s a lot more fun (supposedly) to fret about the past, or worry about the future. That’s what we know best. But me personally, I don’t think it’s best for us (although my brain does like to take me there. Back, you brain, back!)

Who here is a Star Trek fan? (Raises hand. Waves it.) Yes, yes, me. Star Trek: Insurrection (one of the Next Generation movies) had a scene where Picard and Anij, who lived on the planet they visited, were In. The. Moment. Remember it? Anij, who was only something like 400 years old, (just a kid) had learned to appreciate each moment, and she showed Picard what it was like.

What it was, was magical.

I can’t make flower dust (or fairy dust) slow down like that so I can see it, but I’ve had some magical moments (and here’s a couple):

Watching a sunset. And I mean really watching it. Feeling the breeze on my skin, and the air change from warm to cool. Observing how the sun dips below the horizon. How the sky turns from bright blue, through reds and oranges and yellows and becomes purple and then black as the stars peep out.

Petting my cat. Listening to him purr. Watching my hand brush across his soft, soft fur. Feeling his weight in my lap. Seeing his eyes closed in slits of bliss. Feeling the love pouring our of his heart and into mine.

These things can make a lousy day all better. It takes some commitment to sending all those frets and worries to the back of our bus and letting “Moment” take over the driver’s seat. But if you keep working at it, it gets easier, and the end result are fantastic moments where our entire body gets a chance to rest, relax and reset. Even a little bit is worth it.

Give it a try. Sit quietly. Watch the sun set. Or listen to the sounds outside your home, the little things - the crickets, the wind in the trees, the bees buzzing around your flowers. See how you feel. Then, let me know.

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