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Intro to Animal Communication

Intro to Animal Communication is a one-day Zoom class with only 10 people - lots of opportunity for you to learn and have some individual teaching. There are some coming up! Click through to see when they are.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How energy affects everything we do
  • the three ways we communicate with animals
  • How to ground yourself to start the process of communicating with your animal friends
  • Actual practical experience - my animals love this class, too, because they get to talk with y’all!
  • Talking with one another’s animals.

Click the link below and get yourself registered into one of the classes  NOW! Space is limited to just 10 people each day (which is a TINY Zoom class) to have the best experience possible for each attendee.

NOTE: We need at least four people in each class for it to be a “go”, so register for the one that’s most convenient for you, and encourage your friends to do so as well!


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Talk with Your Animal Friend.

Have a whole conversation with your animal friend. We’ll talk on the phone - you, me, and however many animals want to weigh in during a 30-minute session.

Wow! I just ended an animal communication session with Ashara, and I'm just blown away.
The connection between my dog, Wylie and I
seems even stronger, which I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend Ashara ❤️” CB, Georgia
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Horse and woman



Have a Quick Question?

Maybe you just want to ask your pet one question, and don’t need thirty minutes to get an answer. Click the link below. Tell me a bit about your animal and the question, and I’ll talk to them and respond via email with the answer within 48 hours. WickyQuicky.

Ask a Question $15 - Click HERE

A testimonial about Animal and Spirit Communication

"Koa seems more calm and now his licking seems more like normal grooming and not the excessive licking as before. Now when Koa and I sit on the couch and have our 'huddle cuddle' in the evenings after dinner, I talk with him about how tho' Mom may look, smell and feel different, she is still the same soul spark who loved him when she was here, like I am, and how she may not be able to pet or hold him like before, but now they can run and play in the house and he can talk with her like how he talks with you.

Also, when you said 'council' I almost lost it because when mom was on this side she used to always say 'I have asked my council of angels to...', not that you would have known that about her and honestly you could have said a number of different words to convey that message, but to use HER word, that hit me in the heart - happy tears - because it was like she was standing next to me.

So thank you for another insightful, helpful and comforting 'check in' reading."

N.O., Idaho